boy girl signs

I couldn’t see his face. But, heard the most unique voice that I could not resemble with anyone I knew. My brain was struggling to guess that person when he shot the weirdest question I had ever been asked.

He: What shape do you want in your next karma?

I: Err… What? 

He (With irritation, rephrased it for my ease): What do you want to become in your next birth, a man or a woman?

Me (My jaw must have been on the floor somewhere!): Are you a nut case? Who the hell are you?

He (With a bit of anger): Listen girl, don’t waste my time. I don’t have all day for you. You can be whatever you want! You are getting to choose it beforehand, better make your choice faster or I’ll leave! You have 2 minutes to make your decision.

Me (Swearing in my head): Wow! Do you ask this to everybody?

He (Totally in command): 1 minutes 45 seconds!

Me: Okay Okay Mr.! Well, make me whoever you want… I really don’t care!

He: So, a girl again?

Me: No, no, no, no! Wait! I have had issues with being a girl! All the inappropriate staring from the perverts, gender discrimination, home making responsibilities, and other countless pains has already made me sick.

He: Okay then, a boy! Is it?

Me: Um…Definitely not! Then I’ll be judged by every other woman. You have no idea; guys are even judged for offering their seats to women while travelling. I definitely don’t want to be that one!

He (Frustrated): So what then?

Me (Confused): Um… girl…NO! A boy…

He: 5 seconds!

Me: Oh mum, I need you!

He: 3 seconds!

Me: What to choose?? God help me!

He (Smirked): 2 seconds!

Me (Shouting at the top of my voice): I want to be loved by everybody and judged by nobody! A golden retriever, golden retriever!

Oh yes! Retriever, retriever, I kept shouting and sat upright on my bed when my sister yelled at me to stop the nonsense!