Alzheimer’s! I don’t think any of the other diseases or disorders are as painful as this one. The difference in pain caused by other diseases and dementia is that in the former one, the patient suffers, but in the latter one, the loved ones of the patient suffers the most. However, not able to identify the loved ones may be as painful for the victim of Alzheimer’s as it is for the family members. September is world’s Alzheimer’s month, and 21st of this month is observed as world’s Alzheimer’s day which i missed. So, i am posting my poetic tribute, hope you all like it!

permanent damageedit

He struggled to recall the route,
Still not sure of which to take,
Finally set his foot, but on a wrong trail,
And, landed somewhere else.

Stabbing, hurting his child and wife,
Without the sharpened tools,
Absurd questions slit their happiness,
“Who are you?” he asked,
Not sure of the eyes that shed constantly!

Seasons have gone by since,
It was his favourite now, the fall!
Holding his hand tightly,
Margaret read him his very own story,
But, another “Permanent Damage” was on her mind!