Ancient Library

It was on the 3rd of the Moon Cycle when we come across a place that enriched our databases with the most amazing information on the ancients in the 21st Century (last Sun Cycle). Our group of ancientologists came across an eerie place built of what the ancients called ‘Bricks’, ‘Stone’ and ‘Cement’. It was a hideous hollow box-shaped structure broken from different ends, probably due to constant climatic changes and time, of course. There hung a lettered plate with ‘LI_R__Y’ written on it. According to our translator, the word is ‘Library’ which meant a collection of hard-bound data. Until now it was just one of the many theories on how ancients stored data.

The building was guarded by a frame made of a material called the ‘tree’ by our ancestors. However, our studies show that it is a biodegradable material and hence its presence is still a standing question for us. We think that it probably is a mixture of ‘tree’ and some other non-biodegradable material like the ‘polyethene’. A telepathic signal was sent to the satellite to illuminate the space with the sun, (the author here, means light) but the place seemed to have a secure bubble around it which rejected all the transmitting signals. We came across a rectangular box filled with thinner similar shaped tissues bound to it. It was titled as ‘The Book of Love’ (deciphered by our translator).

It was a collection of data and maybe they called it ‘love’ or the ‘book’. A few tissues were read by our translator who concluded that the thing was called a ‘Book’ and ‘Love’ was a force. Although very hard for us to understand, we did studies on ‘Love’ and define it as a strong force of attraction towards something or someone. Some researchers also claim it to be an emotion. However, extensive studies show that emotions and feelings that have been believed to be absent among the ancients lead to the ultimate war wiping out their existence. Hence, we gather and conclude that it must be  a force of attraction similar to gravity, but less intense. It must be utterly impossible to separate two things or people attached with ‘Love’.

We found another yellowed and faded fragment of a tissue from another ‘Book’ that was marked as ‘Page 17’. Maybe, they did have a number system similar to ours and probably the tissue was called a ‘Page’. We, the foreigners (new people on Earth) call our helpers ‘Pages’. Weird to call a tissue as ‘Page’! Well, the Page showed an image of a rectangular box curved at the edges with buttons on it. The buttons had numbers and letter written on it. The scripture said it was called a ‘Cellular Phone’ and that it helped two ancients talk to each other over long distances. It seemed similar to our telepathic conversations, with just the presence of a device.

A parchment hidden under a piece of ‘Tree’ had something like this written over it.

“Minimum Temperature: 31 °C

Maximum Temperature: 42 °C”

The weather was measured in ‘Degree Celsius’ and it is almost same as our unit of measurement in terms of Sun Units. It is a surprise how ancients could live in as cold a temperature as 42 °C. We assume they had the furry skin to protect themselves from the cold.

Studies have also shown that ancients had to consume a compound called  H2O in order to sustain life. They called it ‘Water’. We have found a lot of traces of this strange compound proving that almost 60% of our Earth was filled with it. However, we haven’t yet been able to synthesize this compound in its pure form. It has been presumed that it has a semi-solid to liquid state very similar to the molten lava from the volcanoes.

The last parchment we found had a word that grabbed maximum of our attention: ‘GOD’. There has been a lot of speculation on this word but none of our best translators have been able to decipher it. We have encountered the same word at almost every ancientological site we visited. Some translators say that GOD was the ultimate software that kept the Ancients living. That didn’t explain its presence in places called ‘Churches’ where it was frequently used. There is a possibility that ‘Churches’ were their research laboratories but so far, we have found no traces of equipments that could have helped them make ‘God’.

Researchers and ancientologists everywhere are looking for hints that can help us decipher the code ‘God’, but in vain.