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We came from nothing and we vanish into nothing. Nothing matters after we die. Nothing helps when we are in distress. Nothing is what it really is. What is nothing, really? Nothing surely is something, I think. Because, we did come from somewhere, didn’t we? Probably the Big Bang or from the higher power or from clay. However, it’s easy to say nothing. Isn’t it?

What were you doing?


Because it takes a lot of effort to describe what one really is doing. You were probably listening to music or working in the kitchen or maybe, sitting in your chair thinking about nothing (which means, something). But, it’s so much easier to say nothing because probably it’s just an empty question and a routine.

Is something wrong?

No. Nothing.

Because everything’s wrong and you possibly are a wreck. But it’s so emotionally draining to describe what exactly is wrong and it most certainly is not nothing. But Nothing is so effortless. So undemanding. And yet, so complex. Don’t you agree?

Honestly, Nothing communicates everything other than something of particularly no value in most cases. And if you have ever thought about it, I think you’d agree with me. Even though I have been going on endlessly about Nothing, there sure is something that I want to convey.

The power of Nothing. The power of Everything. The power of Anything. The power of words. Do words convey? Yes, of course. But do they, really? Do we always say what we mean? Or, mean what we say? Do we say what think? Do we think what we say?

Words are strong. They are high-powered. Potent and full of possibilities. Mightier than the sword and it’s not a mere proverb we learnt in school. And, that’s probably why I chose to become a writer.

I am in love with words. I fall in love with sentences. I fall in love with the magic these words create. I revere them. And I value them.

Today, I fell in love with Nothing. Because, it really is something, isn’t it?