The Night.

I was inarticulately and irrevocably in love with it. Everything about it attracted me. The Moon, a symbol of calm; imperfectly perfect, it reminded me of him. The Stars gave the sky a profound glitzy look. I tried to count them, One, Two…..Eleven, Twelve….but probably, there were zillions and gazillions of them spread over the velvet cloth. My eyes stretched to the horizon, the Sky was kissing the Earth. It was something everybody could see, but only some who could imagine it and none who could prove it!

I could hear the crickets cry and the frogs croak; even the buzz of the fly and the mosquitoes. It was like music to me, something that I had missed while I was away at the college, slogging over my classes, projects and tutorials. I closed my eyes. I was at peace and my thoughts were stagnant. I could feel The Breeze on my face. He was gentle and lovely. We were great friends.

“Hi, kid.” He whispered.

“Hey..” I greeted Him.

“Are you okay?“ He asked. Why did he have to ask me this question?

“Yes. I am.” I said, trying to blink away my tears.

“Come on hooooney…I’ll drop you on the clouuuuds. They’ll puuut you to sleeeeeep…” The Breeze started to sing.

“What are you doing?” He had a knack to surprise me.

“You are tired.” He whistled, resuming his song.

“And?” I was baffled by His connection.

“You are tired and you need to sleep.” His voice was stern.


“Aren’t you sleepy?”

“I am, but I don’t want to.” I said simply, probably without emotion.  

“And may I ask you why?” 

“You know why.” I sighed. I knew that he knew everything. Even when I failed to know how.

“You miss him.” It wasn’t a question, just a statement but it brought back thousand of memories.

“I do.”

“When, in particular?”

“All the time.” I mumbled, barely audible.

“I know.” 

“I know.” I knew that He knew.

There was a momentary silence, which seemed like eternity.

“He misses you too.” He said softly.

“Does he?” I knew he missed me, but I wanted someone to give me a reassurance.

“All the time.” I could hear the sincerity in His voice.

“Did he tell you that??” I wanted to know everything possible.

“Oh no, never. He is ignorant of me. He never talks to me. But I keep an eye on him for you.” He smiled radiantly.


“He thinks about you…a lot.” He added.

“That’s–That’s nice to hear.” I stammered.

Again, a momentary silence.

“You. And him. I hate both of you.” He said, with his teeth gnashed, and voice like steel.

“Why?” I laughed. Sincerely, I didn’t know the reason this time.

“For once, why cant you both behave normally? Why cant you have a normal relationship. Firstly, you both refuse to be in love, God only knows why; secondly, you aren’t even friends, that’s certain; and thirdly, you both haven’t talked to each other for months.”

“For a year.”

“Yeah, right. For a year. Why??” 

“I don’t know.” I whispered. Because I loved him.

“Which part?” He was patient.

“All of it. I mean….we don’t know how to define our relation. Its not love and its not friendship, Its something in between.” I said, trying to pacify myself rather than answering Him.

“And the latter part?” He was asking why he hadn’t been in contact since last year.

“He wanted that.” Because he didn’t love me. My eyes stung. With brine water. 

And He whooshed past, leaving me alone with deafening silence. The Breeze, I knew, was pissed  off— not with me, not with him….but with US. I felt sorry…for The Breeze and for me.

I was tired, emotionally. I closed my eyes again. 

“I miss you so much, my angel. I love you and I always will.” I whispered and smiled. I knew The Breeze was waiting for me to say this, and would take my message to him. Somehow. Anyhow.

“Goodbye, kid.” The Breeze loved me too much to resist a wonderful goodbye.

“Come back soon.” I said softly.