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A short-film review: Arre Baba

What is more difficult? To write a story in a thousand words or in a hundred words? For me, it’s the latter. Writing a condensed form of an idea is the challenge. Removing unnecessary details is the necessity. Simplicity is the key.

My love for short films is purely because of the difficulty it puts in front of the maker and the importance of delivering it’s idea to the viewers in the shortest and the simplest manner possible.

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Until very recently, I did not find the chance to read poems written by Mary Oliver. And now when I finally did, I instantaneously fell in love with her beautiful writing, her amazing words, the theme, everything. I would love to share all her poems because I find my love renewing itself with each new line and with each new poem that I read. But that of course, is not possible. However, there is no doubt that every now and then, you’ll find a reference to her poems in my posts. “Wild Geese” was the first poem that I read and now have the opportunity to share it with you. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading “Words”

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