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Hi guys! It has been a long time since I shared something. I was caught up in work; oh how I wish to be able to write whenever I want! Anyway, last month was pretty difficult for everyone as the world had to see and face the city of love turning into the city of fright. 

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The Terminated

I understand that it is the individual’s choice whether to have a child or not. However, it disturbs me when the practice of foetus termination on finding its a girl child is still prevalent in some of the Indian towns and villages. Or when a lady decides that her career is at its peak and she doesn’t want “kidurbance” . Or when a man decides its too soon to have a child and choose otherwise. A haiku singing the gap!

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The scientists are busy finding the ways of sustaining on other planets. Whereas here, the Earth has everything that we may need to live a perfect life, but for how long? The seasons are changing their cycles like never before, tremors are shaking the sky scrapers costing millions of lives and cyclones are named and renamed every year. The glaciers are melting at a whopping speed increasing the water levels, but still there is a shortage of water. I wish everybody on this planet takes responsibility and try to make a change. To spread awareness regarding our environment’s deterioration, i have portrayed a situation via a tanka poem. “Tanka” is a haiku with 5 lines having 5-7-4-7-7 syllable arrangement. Hope you enjoy it!

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