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The winter of her life

The room was clean and airy. The fan was noisy and as it whirled round and round, it seemed as if the squeaking sound kept increasing. The tick-tock of the clock brought the day closer to her, slowly and painlessly killing the night.

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The Reality Of Nightmares

He woke up with a jolt.

His shirt was wet with perspiration. Breathing heavily, he slowly looked around. The fan had stopped whirling and the lights that were never turned off, were out. It was eerily quiet and he could hear his raspy breath. Darkness enveloped him, penetrating his insides and gnawing him.

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My window of Hope

What do you see when you look out your window?

Do you admire the outside beauty? Or is there a huge pile of dump that you can see in the corner? Or do you see your half-naked neighbour reading a newspaper on their porch while enjoying the cool breeze?

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We came from nothing and we vanish into nothing. Nothing matters after we die. Nothing helps when we are in distress. Nothing is what it really is. What is nothing, really? Nothing surely is something, I think. Because, we did come from somewhere, didn’t we? Probably the Big Bang or from the higher power or from clay. However, it’s easy to say nothing. Isn’t it?

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A Lie

a lie

How long will it be?

Or will it ever be?

Oh my blazing sun,

Know you light the favourite white bulb!

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The Traveler’s Spirit featuring the works of #22 Keyur Panchal

Beauty it is!

Breathe In

Molly sat on the soft, green grass. The river flowed nearly noiselessly, just whispering enough to let her in on it’s secrets. She came with the intention of spending time with herself. Continue reading “Breathe In”


Ardhanareshwar, yet another form of Lord Shiva! It is the union of Purush and Prakriti, a man and woman in plain words, a necessary harmonious balance between two complementary forces. Belief of being one, existing without duality. This is the concept of marriage in vedic philosophy. Interesting, isn’t it? I may write in detail about it someday, but for now, enjoy the Cinquain Poem! 



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