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A Lie

a lie

How long will it be?

Or will it ever be?

Oh my blazing sun,

Know you light the favourite white bulb!

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The Traveler’s Spirit featuring the works of #22 Keyur Panchal

Beauty it is!

Breathe In

Molly sat on the soft, green grass. The river flowed nearly noiselessly, just whispering enough to let her in on it’s secrets. She came with the intention of spending time with herself. Continue reading “Breathe In”


Ardhanareshwar, yet another form of Lord Shiva! It is the union of Purush and Prakriti, a man and woman in plain words, a necessary harmonious balance between two complementary forces. Belief of being one, existing without duality. This is the concept of marriage in vedic philosophy. Interesting, isn’t it? I may write in detail about it someday, but for now, enjoy the Cinquain Poem! 



The Rift


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Darkness does not block the view of beautiful horizon from a rift. Neither does the external elements like the rain or mist.

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Poetry is a rhythm, a song, a thought, a message or anything that an individual has in his heart. Its recital is something that has almost become extinct which is why UNESCO decided to celebrate today, 21st March, as World Poetry day. This day was adopted as International Poetry Day during UNESCO’s 30th session held in Paris in 1999.

To celebrate this day, I have tried putting my thoughts in Cinquain form of poetry. A cinquain poem is a five line verse that do not rhyme. This form was created by Adelaide Crapsey. When I read the first cinquain poem, I thought of it as silly, but realized that the examples that I referred might not be up to the mark. There is always a beautiful spark in poetry which this form could easily catch with its unique style. I have tried to explain what cinquain poem is and I hope you enjoy it!

The first line has just one word which is the subject of poetry and it’s the same with the last line of the poem, but it should be your subject’s synonym. Second line has two words that describes the subject of the poem. Line 3  should have 3 action verbs that are related to line one. You can convey your feelings in the fourth line in four words, but it has to relate to the subject. And yes, the title should be same as your subject. Enjoy and happy international poetry day!


Should we find a new Home?

twin quill

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Row with me


My Dearest Muskaan,

So you are reading my letter, which only means that you were engrossed in your work when I sent Brij to escort you to our date venue. Anyway, I am delighted that you took some time out of your schedule to read this alternative that I asked to deliver only if you say, “I can’t come right now, tell him that I’ll meet him at home in a few hours.” And those were your exact words, honestly, I’m glad I understand you.

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